Work in Italy, unemployment among young people boom

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MILAN-Italy While unemployment continues to grow in Germany stood at a record low. The data refer to a common rate to 8, 9% rise of 0.1 percentage points and 0.8 points in November to December 2010. It is the highest recorded since 2004 in our country. In particular the most affected are young people, almost one in three did not work. The notes of the ISTAT preliminary estimates. If you look at the quarterly time series is the highest since the third quarter of 2001. 


ESTIMATES - In December, the number of unemployed in Italy has reached two million and 243mila and increases by 0.9% compared to November (20,000 units). Also according to the data of the Institute of Statistics, the employed in December 2011 22.903 million, a level essentially unchanged compared to November, in the presence of a drop in the growth of male and female. In comparison with the previous year employment decreases by 0.1% (-23 thousand units).

MEN - Istat explained that engineers, again in December 2011, "there was a great loss in the labor market, especially for an increase in male unemployment." on an annual basis there was an increase of 10.9% (221mila units).

BUSINESS-employment also falls in large firms. In November, seasonally adjusted, and the gross amount of the CIG employees fell by 0.1% compared to October. Excluding employees in Cig is a drop of 0.4%. That is indicated by the Mayor.

GERMANY - The Italian picture is far from the German.Unemployment is at its lowest in Germany in January.According to national statistics disseminated by the agency for use, the relationship between job seekers and labor force has fallen to 6.7% seasonally adjusted from 6.8% in December. The number of unemployed people fell by 34 thousand units in January after the fall of 25 thousand units recorded in December. The reading is much better than economists' forecasts: the consensus of economists showed a rate remained at 6.8% and a decrease of 10 thousand units. Level but not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.7 points to 7.3% with an increase in the number of unemployed to 3.08 million units 302mila.

THE EURO AREA - According to data from the Statistical Office of the European Union, unemployment peaked in December by the introduction of the single currency.Unemployment in the 17 countries of the euro, according to seasonally adjusted data, stood at 10.4%, the same level after the revision of November from the previous 10.3% and in line with expectations of economists. Unemployment in the 27 European Union countries was 9.9%, the same value after the review in November from 10.3%.


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